When people talk about salads, they mostly think that it’s just the little dish made up of lettuce and other fixings, toppings and dressing they eat before starting the main course of every meal. Some will think that it’s just the optional food you get from the salad bar at the corner of the restaurant. But nowadays, as more people become health conscious, making salad as the main course of the meal is becoming a great idea.

Main course salads have become quite a hit during these times when people are already mindful of what they eat. And in order for them to enjoy each meal, they are trying find ways into making their salads a delightful treat. Besides, salads are very easy to prepare. They are simply fixings thrown together and then consumed to fill up any empty stomach, taking you at most 15 minutes to prepare.

In preparation for a main course salad, try using a salad plate or some decorative salad bowl to enhance the presentation of the meal. Taco salad bowls can also work perfectly for any salad. These salad bowls can be seen on most grocery stores and doesn’t necessarily need to be used for tacos. And if you really want to be creative, try using pita bread or taco shells for the main course salad base.

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